Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zach and Aleesa have both started to compete this year.

Zach swims and drops time each time he does. He competed at State and helped his relay team come in 7th overall (18 teams).

Aleesa competes in gymnastics. She got a second place medal in the Vault.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yes... I know. The last time I updated this was Christmas. Well here we go. Zach got his Weblow award and his Arrow of Light award in Scouts. He did his first piano recital and did really well. He had memorized both of his songs and did not make any mistakes. He really likes playing so hopefully we can keep him interested.

Aleesa graduated Level 2 in Gymnastics and is moving on to Level 3!!! She is so excited to go and see how things go. She does really well.

School is out on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo excited. I am sure in August I will be writing just the oposite. Anyway I will keep things updated better.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hey, downloaded all the pictures. Have to organize them so they make sense. Will work updating as soon as possible.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

After passing strep and who knows what else back and forth like candy for a couple of years, Zach and Aleesa got their tonsils out yesterday, December 10. They both wanted to see them after but I forgot to ask the doctor to save them. However, both are doing fairly well. Aleesa has found her calling in life as the mother caregiver and Zach has sat on the couch and enjoyed getting cared for. Thursday (today) at around 5 p.m. Aleesa finally hit the wall. She has finally taken the first of hopefully many naps. We are running out of Christmas movies. We have samples the Red Box a couple of times.

Here she is with the ultimate birthday wish. She got her ears pierced!! She was very, very brave. This is about as many tears as she shed. She was really a good, brave girl. She is very excited to have them done and as soon as she sees someone she is showing them her ears. She has taken really good care of them and is twisting them and putting on the spray and everything.
This is the lovely cake. Just what she wanted!! Pink and everything.

Aleesa turned 7 on December 4. She got a really cool new bike from the family

Nativity at Tuacan

Some how I need to turn these pictures!

We went to see the nativity at Tuacan and Santa was there too.
Zach told him he wants a digital camera and Aleesa wants a Baby Alive that goes potty!
We'll see what Santa actually brings. What a fun time of year!!

This Thanksgiving Paul and I took the kids and went to St. George to see Mom and Dad. It was really fun. Talk about great weather! Thanksgiving day was wet but the rest of the days were great. We were going to hike in Kolob canyon but when we got there it was so cold we drove around the then went back to town. Dad and Paul wouldn't even get out of the car. It was great fun though.

Monday, December 1, 2008

This is the front view of our incredible landscaping job!
WE HAVE GRASS!!!!!!! I am sooooo excited! Our landscaping is in!
We have an incredible yard front and back.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hello all!! I know as you look at the pictures you will reallize they are slightly out of season. I finally figured out how to do this so I am just posting at random. Soon all the pictures will be recent takes.

This is Aleesa at gymnastics. She is really pretty good at it. She has moved up to level two. Hopefully she'll keep at it.

Zach started to mow lawns this year. He is really getting the hang of it. At first it was really just a hit and miss job (lots of long spots). He has it down to only one hour per lawn. We started at two. He has made GREAT progress!! We really want to thank Kim for her very patient instructions. Also we want to thank Thayne for being the main pooper scooper while we mowed his dad's lawn. Last of all we want to thank Grandpa and Grandma. Their lawn has gone from one of very professional standards to a learning lawn. Zach is not the only one who learned. I actually learned to stringtrim without running out of string and not making divits! There is really no substitute for Arturo but we are learning. When we get our own grass we can be all practiced up!!
Sadly, I think we have been taken off the Thursday list:(!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Haloween was fun. We went to the school carnival